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Walk further and enjoy the outdoors more with SeatStix, the walking poles that convert into a seat. New for 2023.

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walk | click | sit

SeatStix are an exciting and unique new British innovation launching in 2023 featuring walking poles that convert into a handy seat. 

Pre-ordering is now open!



walk | click | sit

SeatStix are an exciting and unique new British innovation launching in 2023 featuring walking poles that convert into a handy seat. 

Pre-ordering is now open!


walk better

Takes the load off your feet when walking long distances

hike further

Makes hiking adventures much easier and more enjoyable

Watch longer

Allows you to sit anywhere when spectating at events

converts easily

Convert from walking poles to a stable seat in seconds

no room for a chair?

If you've ever gone hiking or on long walks, you will know the frustration of lugging a heavy chair around.

And if you go to sporting events and festivals you'll know how hard it can be to find somewhere to sit.

no problem.

SeatStix are the only professional walking poles on the market that convert into a comfortable, two-legged seat.

The strong, lightweight walking poles that improve your performance also become a seat when you need to rest.

See them in action

It’s takes only 2 minutes to watch

Walking poles are not just for people with limited mobility, they actually increase walking performance over long distances because they spread the load over your legs and arms. Any walker would benefit from using walking poles.

No more carrying a blanket, perching on a rock, or getting splinters sitting on a log. Your walking poles convert into a seat in seconds, whenever you need a break. SeatStix will revolutionise your walking trips, days out, festival adventures and everyday life because you can simply go further.

“The beauty of SeatStix is that it’s made from two high-quality walking aid sticks that lock together to make a stable and comfortable seat. No backpacks. No extra equipment to carry.”


A: Seat Pads

B: Seat Locking Clips

C: Hand Grips

D: Wrist Straps

E: Extendable Poles

F: Pole Locking Clips

G: Optional Ice Attachments

SeatStix give you a new way to explore the outdoors and events that otherwise can be a bit difficult. We recognised that there was a gap in the market for a multi-functional seat and hiking poles that are stable and easy to transport. 

PRODUCT features

The seatstix difference

Replaces heavy chairs

Instead of carrying a chair on days out, you can just walk with your SeatStix and convert them into a chair any time.

Extremely Stable

The twin leg design means you have a very stable sitting platform to perch on that won't wobble or collapse.

Strong and Lightweight

The high-spec materials we've used mean that SeatStix are extremely strong, yet surprisingly lightweight.

premium walking aid for all

SeatStix walking poles are not just for serious hikers, they're an important performanc boosting tool for any walker.

How they work

1. Remove protective caps

2. Slide the two poles together

3. Lock the poles into position

the story so far

The idea arose when British Inventor, Derrick Green took a trip to visit his elderly father. As a keen hiker who’s completed several of the UK’s best walks including Hadrian’s Wall and the Stour Valley Path, Derrick understood the importance of walking aids and a comfortable place to rest your legs.

While enjoying a cup of tea and a chat, Derrick noticed a shooting stick in the corner of the room. As a natural-born inventor, he couldn’t help but pick it up and fiddle with it. But he discovered that the shooting stick left a lot to be desired. Sure, it was lightweight and easy to use, but it wobbled around and didn’t exactly offer a relaxing rest for his legs.

Then, an aha moment: “There has to be a better way”

Over the next few years, Derrick tried and tested his ideas until he came upon the perfect solution that gave people a strong, stable and comfortable seat without adding extra pounds to their walking equipment… 

SeatStix was born!

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