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SeatStix reinvents walking poles by designing them to convert into a seat so walkers can rest without carrying a chair.

SeatStix are a new innovation in walking poles that have patented seat attachments on the top that connect together securely in seconds to provide a very stable seat.

  • They are professional walking poles that improve walking performance
  • They convert from walking poles to a stable seat in seconds
  • They provide you with a seat without the need for additional kit
  • They are lightweight and yet extremely strong and durable

No room for a chair in your kit? No problem.

If you’ve ever gone hiking or on long walks, you will know the frustration of lugging a heavy chair around, and if you go to sporting events where lots of walking is required you’ll know how tiring it is and how hard it can be to find somewhere to sit.

A British inventor has come up with a solution: walking poles that connect together and create a stable sitting platform. An upgrade to the traditional Shooting Stick style single leg seat. Not only is the two legged seat much more stable, but it means that walkers that use walking poles are able to take a seat with them without packing any additional kit. 

SeatStix has been in development for a few years, and after several iterations and design improvements they are ready for manufacture, so a crowdfunding campaign has been launched on Kickstarter to help fund the first round of production.

"The beauty of SeatStix is that it’s made from two high-quality walking poles that lock together to make a stable and comfortable seat. No backpacks. No extra equipment to carry."

– Derrick Green (Inventor)

Some key features

  • Only 360g weight per pole
  • Extends from 700mm to 1450mm
  • Seat supports adults up to 125kg
  • Quick release cam-locking system
  • Super-light EVA anti-shock foam handles
  • Aerospace-grade aluminium (7075)
  • Tungsten tips & rubber feet

Some key benefits

  • Improves walking performance
  • Converts easily into a seat in seconds
  • Surprisingly lightweight and strong
  • Pole height is easily adjustable
  • Will strap to a bag when not in use
  • The poles reduce shock when walking
  • Designed and built in the UK

How did the idea come about?

The idea arose when British Inventor, Derrick Green visited his elderly father, and while enjoying a cup of tea and a chat he noticed a shooting stick in the corner of the room.

As a natural-born inventor, he couldn’t help but pick it up and fiddle with it. But he discovered that the shooting stick left a lot to be desired. Sure, it was lightweight and easy to use, but having only one leg it wobbled around and didn’t exactly offer a relaxing rest.

Derrick himself is a keen hiker who’s completed several of the UK’s best walks including Hadrian’s Wall and the Stour Valley Path using walking poles. It was then he had an aha moment.

“What if two walking poles had a seat at the top”

Over the next few years, Derrick tried and tested his ideas until he had developed a refined design that gave people a strong, stable and comfortable seat without adding extra pounds to their walking equipment.

…and SeatStix were born.

SeatStix is a British Outdoors company that is on a mission to transform the way people enjoy the outdoors. We have a small team assembled in Dorset, South England, but we have ambitions to explore the world with SeatStix and reach every corner of the globe with our innovations. 

Live on Kickstarter

Crowdfunding until July 21st 2022.

SeatStix are running their first round of funding on Kickstarter, and they invite you to come and support them by being one of the first to own a pair of SeatStix at an incredible price. 

There’s some exclusive content in the Kickstarter, and the discount on offer to supporters will never be repeated, so make the most of this opportunity today.

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